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If you happen a glance into my kitchen after the breakfast dishes are cleared you would more than likely find this occurrence on a semi-regular basis. 

We are homeschooling and have been since our kids were born :)   J our eldest has a love for reading that is best described as voracious.  While B our second son is a mathematical whiz kid.  The girls are holding their own as well though there are days they can't decided whether they like to use their crayons for actual coloring on paper or for running across their lips like chap stick.   Living in a cold climate we are constantly using the chap stick and the girls have caught on well & love it when we put chap stick on their lips. 

Today we are taking a school break, the boys are playing downstairs and the girls are napping.  We are heading out of town today, about an hour south of our city to visit some very dear friends.  In the busyness of life it is nice to take time for friends & relationships.

Speaking of relationships, we received a phone call this week from my dh's sister who kindly invited us to attend a play that she & her husband had extra tickets for.  My mum was able to babysit the kidlets for us and off we went last night to an evening of much laughter.  I love live theatre.  At times the plays are hit and miss, last night it was a hit.  I laughed so hard and the actors were fabulous.  It was great!  Thank you again to my dear sil & bil for thinking of us, we had a blast!

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