time for change

...and I started at the top, with my banner that is. It's time to celebrate what isn't too far away, lush green trees, butterflies and so much more. I took these pictures last year and they make me think about the possibilites of life.


The snow is completely melted from our yard and the grass has been nicely drying out all week long. Spring has fully arrived and so has the warmer weather. Oh I'm sure there will still be cooler days, but nothing that will keep the trees from budding and the flowers from blooming. It's the inevitable cycle of life that has begun once again and I am loving it.


I think this is my onion plant, I can't believe how easily I forget where some things are growing in my garden. Time will tell. Nature isn't the only thing evolving, my blog is too, as I spend more and more of my time outdoors and less indoors at the computer. Another cycle. Today the kidlets brought out the bubble machine. Let the chase begin.

It is so much fun watching the boys interact with the girls. They have really adjusted well to having sisters and love spending time with them and teaching them things. It goes both ways as the girls adore their big brothers :) It makes this mumma's heart happy.

And just so you don't think I am totally ignoring the wip post I made the other day, I'm going to show you some hints of what is going on in the studio.


I've managed to sew a few panels of fabric together in 5 inch wide pieces.  All top stitched and waiting for something more...


Hmm, could that be a sleeve? I guess you will have to wait and see. I'd say I'm about 80% done and hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have everything finished. After all I have to come inside sometime during the day *wink* Well have a pleasant weekend, hope it brings much sun and many outdoor hours to you. 


  1. Hi! I like your new banner! Almost finished with my softie.... would you be so kind as to email me with your mailing address!
    Thanks! B

  2. noooo.... you can't be done already!! *eek* I haven't started yours yet!! I'll email you my addy, but don't you send it yet or I will feel much shame :(


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