un-cooperative toddlers

Miss A & Miss J decided that neither of them were interested in modelling the legwarmer I had knit for them. I barely got Miss A to try it on before she burst into tears. Miss J wasn't much better. At least I know it fits even if they hate it.  I've started on the second one though I find myself asking the question "why bother..." Who knows, in the end they may like wearing them better when there is one for each leg. In the meantime our large Winnie the Pooh plush lent his leg for my picture. 

any leg will do

I tried a different finish on the end of the leg warmer. It is ruffle finish (a simple increase in stitches), it should sit quite nicely on the girls' shoes but on Pooh it looks a bit wonky.
Maybe after a nice wash the ruffle will settle down.

such flair

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