blankets are done

I sewed up the blankets for Miss J & Miss A's babies while they napped yesterday afternoon. They were very straightforward and other than fussing with the very narrow bias tape everything went off without a hitch. I'm up for doing more projects from this pattern, I just need to decide on what fabrics.

baby doll blanket complete!

The girls were very happy that their babies don't have to be cold anymore. Miss J said her baby isn't "crynin" (crying) anymore and proceeded to nurse her baby. How very earth mumma-ish, I guess the AP parenting has paid off...even her baby is smiling.

baby doll happy

I should mention here that Miss A's favorite "baby" in the entire world is plush puppy her big brother J gave her. When she found the blanket she took her doll out and had me wrap her puppy up, to each his own I guess. I still need to get a photo of her puppy in the blanket as she was very reluctant to release it for a picture once she saw how cuddy & cozy puppy was all wrapped up.


  1. Thoose are so pretty. It reminds me of when I was two and recived a Micky Mouse doll and a doll crib for Christmas. When my parents tried to put Mickey in the crip I whipped Mickey out and cried "No Mickey Mouse!" We now quote this often and it always brings smiles.

  2. Thanks for droppping by Amelia and leaving a comment :) I think my girls would have done the same thing if they saw Mickey Mouse in their blanket *lol*

  3. Super cute! makes me want to try something with bias tap. I saw some at joanns and wondered how i'd use it. This looks great. love the idea. Thanks for posting your work.


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