my labor of love today is a WIP

For the past two days Miss J has been obsessed with having an appropriate sized blanket for her "baby." The problem is that other than tea towels, I really don't have any tiny blankets for a 10" baby. I've put off sewing these little items because frankly, the girls never seemed interested in it, until now... The first thing I did was go through my pattern  stash to see if I had a pattern. Turns out I have a great pattern for such things. I think I purchased this pattern back in 1996 or 1997 when I was expecting my first wee one. (I really should start dating my patterns, that way I know when I purchased it.) I spent the latter part of last evening cutting out the pattern while watching a flick with dh and then looked through my remnant fabrics for something cute & blanket worthy.

labor of love

This fabric also dates back to around the same time I purchased the pattern. It was originally used to recover a second hand carseat and now looks very Valentine appropriate with all the hearts & cuddly bears.

So this is my "labor of love" on Valentine's Day, crafting for my kids or with my kids.  Hope you are enjoying your day too!


  1. Hey there stranger! I hope you are all feeling better! Anyway, I knew you crafted, but I didn't realize how much! Wow! As for me, I'm in the middle of several projects. I'm making a reversable seasonal quilt, I'm learning how to crochet, and I'm having fun finger painting with the children. I don't think they've ever done crafts before. R isn't quite coordinated to much cutting or glueing, D pats the glue stick like a bingo dabber LOL. We made homeade Heart's Day cards but not like the ones you did. Pipecleaners, eh? Fancy schmancy! Keep in touch!

  2. Hi Karla, thanks for stopping by! I'm just starting to get back to crafting. I've had a very minimal craft life since the girls were born, but now that they are getting older I'm starting to find more time in my day. I'd love to see the reversible quilt when it's done. I finally took the plunge and started crocheting as well. It is much faster than knitting. Your kiddies will pick up on crafting really fast. It's in the heart of a child to create. I'll send a link to a craft website that I peruse for craft ideas. You might find it helpful.


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