Corner of my home

So to speak that is.  Our stairwell as the sun illuminates it.

hallway sun

February is a really cold month where I live and true to form we have been locked in a deep freeze.  We have become accustomed to consoling ourselves with the fact that though it is cold, it is also very sunny here.   It is ironic to me that though the sun is bright, you really can't enjoy it unless you are wrapped in multiple snowsuit layers. But this week I did my best to get the most of the sun from the indoors.

My kitchen has south exposure, I'd have taken a picture of how the sun cascades through the window and lights up the room so brightly, but dh didn't clean the windows before  winter so let's just say that isn't going to happen.  I did stand in my kitchen with my face pressed against the glass trying to "suck up" the sun's goodness.  My kids thought it looked very weird and I was really hoping that nobody was taking a stroll through the back roads.  I even opened the patio door and put my head out to get the sun on my face, but had to quickly close it as the - 30 degree exterior was telling me that it still isn't summer.

I tried another approach, I laid down on the floor of my sons' room and like a cat I let the warmth of the sun bathe my entire being.  Pretty soon I had 4 little ones laying down beside me trying to figure out what mum was doing.  It was peaceful but it didn't last long.  Before long the girls couldn't resist crawling on me and out of necessity I got up.  My quiet lay-in-the sun time ended up becoming "read a book to the girls" or I won't survive the mauling.

One thing the sun did help me with the most is the realization that summer is just around the corner.  The days are getting longer and soon our indoor living will become a thing of the past as I turn my craft to my outdoor garden one where the fabric backdrop is rich with soil and greenery,  & flowers.  I can hardly wait.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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