slow days and fur balls

It's a "Slow Day" and no one sings it better than Raffi on his Bananaphone album.

The day is passing rather un-spectacularly as I make efforts at house cleaning and try to shrink the on-going laundry pile.  The girls are awake from their nap and coloring beside me as I type.

This week I felted an angora sweater that I picked up at the thrift shop.

I cut up the sweater into small pieces. I'm planning on sewing them together to make a felted bunny.

If the angora doesn't kill me first.  I felt so itchy after I cut it.  The fibers seemed to cling to my nose & clothes.  I feel like I could spit up a fur ball.  If I do, I promise to take pictures.   I may have to do this project completely by hand as the loose fibers will kill my sewing machine.  Or maybe I should throw the pieces in the dryer for a bit with a towel to catch the loose fibers?  *cough* *sneeze* *cough* I'll keep you posted.

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