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Last night after dinner I made some cookies with my ds B.  He was feeling a bit out of sorts about life and I thought maybe a little "mummy time" would help him out.  We made sugar cookies.  We baked them and when they cooled iced them.

Of course you can't make cookies without eating them.  The rest of the kidlets joined in for that exercise and before you know it, we had completely missed bedtime and everyone was still wide awake at 10:00 pm.  That would probably explain why Miss A & J are a wee bit grumpy with each other today.   They probably need a good nap to catch up.

Come to think of it, I could use a nap too!  I stayed up really late last night, I think it was 3:00 am when I finally crawled into bed.  I needed to re-organize the craft room.  The girls have been spending more time in the room with me and they desperately needed a place to color and call their own.  We set up a make shift table for them originally, but that was just taking up too much room.  Instead I cleared a table for them, covered it in brown paper because they love coloring on surfaces as much as in coloring books.

Notice the high tech surroundings.  In the evenings after the girls are in bed my oldest ds often joins me in the room.  He brings his art work in and sits at the table and crafts along with me.  We usually put an episode of Little House (on the Prairie) on & watch/listen while we work.  That's my cluttered work station opposite the kids table.

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