treasure hunt

I wonder if thrifting has magical powers because I get the bug around the same time every year. It could be attributed to cabin fever and a need to get out on the town, but it usually starts around this time and continues on regularly, through the summer. 

oh that bird!

It's not something I ever did as a kid, my mum just wasn't into that sort of thing.  She loves to go with me now and I think in someways it is a little outing we can share together since I'm not one for shopping in malls and such. My kiddos love a good treasure hunt too so when I announce "I'm going thrifting" they scramble to their piggy banks gathering a few coins in case they find a prize, it's the one outing they never want to miss. 

teacup and saucer love

I have a wonderful thrift store just a hop away from my home.  It's in the middle of nowhere really, but oh so close and convenient. Truth be told I probably stop there once a month, but once the warmer weather hits we will make a trip there weekly. Last week I stopped by and stumbled upon this teacup and saucer. I couldn't resist the bright turquoise colors and oh, that bird!  I knew it had to come home with me. I can't imagine who tired of drinking tea in this masterpiece but I'm sure glad they did. 
Can you guess where we are going today?


  1. I love thrifting too...I don't ever buy much, it has to be reallllly great, but I love looking and poking around and the thrill of the hunt!
    Such a cute tea cup. Will you drink tea from on your porch swing in the summer? (that's how I picture it to be used...for all I know, you could live in a concrete highrise! LOL!)

  2. Thanks Kate.  Nothing like a good cup o tea in a real china mug :)

  3. I'm with you Andrea, it has to be great for me to dish out the cash. My current obsession is glass dessert bowls in sets of four at least - not always easy to find, especially without chips.
    I will drink loads of tea from that cup but not on a summer swing instead it will be from this location... http://duckyhouse.typepad.com/duckyhouse/2009/06/summer-loving.html
    No concrete highrise for me, not at this point in my life I think that would do me in with my 4 kids, lol.

  4. Lovely! Beautiful find.
    I'm with you that this is the time to thrift. Must be the weather!
    I found a teacup this week with one of my favorite flowers-tiger lilies. Found some Japanese coffee mugs with poppies too. Ready for a friend to come over;).


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