I was baking cookies with the kids on Friday. In the past when they were younger it was hectic, but somehow easier to bake as a whole family.  You'd think it would be the opposite but it seems as kids age they have their own way of doing things and require less direction for the task to be fun.  I always want the kitchen to be open for cooperation so if it means mixing things up a bit then I'm all for it. 

broken hearts

This time around I broke up the 4 into groups of two.  The girls and I did the first batch of cookies; I rolled they cut.  We had wonderful time cutting shapes like bunnies and hearts.  I love their innocence, this age is still so magical ~


After we had worked our portion of the dough, I turned the kitchen over to the boys.  They still wanted me on hand for the rolling in case they couldn't get it even, but the cookie cutting was all them.  The oldest, being 12 now, pre-teen and avid farside reader (thus the humor), was okay about doing hearts as long as he could put his spin on them. He thought broken hearts were in order and proceeded to crack up his cut cookie.  Of course when he did that, the room was full of giggles and laughter just as if they were little again. silly boys. 


And so we have it: magical hearts and bunnies from the wee girlies of our family and broken hearts from the pre-teen and his faithful sidekick.  Valentine's day and a 12 year old's sense of humor is a crazy
combination but I think I'm finally starting to learn how to work with being outnumbered
4 to 1 in the

ETA: I iced the cookies with yummy royal icing.  I sourced it from the Joy of Baking website.  In the past I have made royal icing with egg whites but this time around I tried meringue powder and am just as pleased with the results. 

ps, don't forget the giveaway, there is still time to enter!


  1. rrrrrreeeccciiipppeeee???? (sing songy voice)

  2. Okay you, Ive edited the post with the icing recipe...get baking!

  3. HI Tammy
    I love this site. It's so nice to see what you and your family are up to! You're all so creative and fun. Your sewing and crafts are amazing. I was browsing through your pictures and want to thank you for letting me peek into your life. It makes me a bit sad not to have been more a part of it.
    Love to everyone

  4. Thanks Jocelyn, they were delicious in a most sugary sweet way.  The kids love them.

  5. Hi Celine,
    Thanks for stopping by the blog.


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