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Oops, I meant to get this post up yesterday, forgive me for the delay.  We spontaneously went out of town for part of the day to an aquatic centre to give the kids a break from the winter weather.  It was a good decision since things are going to be downright chilly the next few days.      


Onto the giveaway.  I enlisted the help of miss J in the drawing of names, she makes a lovely assistant doesn't she?  I'll let the pictures tell you the rest of the story. 

all in


you won

Congratulations Karen from Hawaii! Karen's original comment was:

"I am from the US- from Hawaii
I have an iPod that would look great in there!
I like the Olympics but don't watch TV, so it's been awhile since I've seen it."

***Please send me email me your mailing address and I will drop your ipod cover in the post! 

And just so the rest of you don't feel left out, if you commented in the original "news and a giveaway" post I will give you 20 % off the listed price of the ipods currently in my shop PLUS the free shipping until February 28th.  At point of purchase, type in the notes "I commented" and I'll apply the discount.  Over 50 of you commented and there are 7 ipods in the shop so don't wait too long or they may all disappear.  Thank you everyone for playing along :) Happy Monday, xxx.


  1. WOW! I never win anything! Many many thanks.... sending you my address right now!

  2. Yay for you Karen!  Im so happy to be sending this little ol iPod cover off to Hawaii.  Congrats!

  3. Super cute iPod covers. Love them. And and super cute profile pic too. Love that hair. I totally missed out on the giveaway b/c I am a slacker and my inbox is WAY TOO full. Love these though and can't wait to see what other treasures you'll put in that shop.

  4. Hey!! And now I read that you were here. Next time call/email and you can come for lunch!!


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