Last week I left you at sewn, cut and stacked.  Yesterday I made a little more headway in between cleaning out my pantry - what a big job that was - it's amazing how much clutter can gather in a food zone.


Before I even began cutting my fabric I sat down one evening and drew out the direction for this quilt.  I'm discovering that this step really helps and excites me when I have specific fabrics in mind.  When I draw it out, it isn't meant to be an identical interpretation of the layout rather it is more a visual aid to see if the colors work together.  So from the drawing I am now at the layout.


I've taken no less than 20 photos of the layout.  I then upload the photos to my computer and that gives me a chance to see where the bulk of the color adjustment is needed.  I've moved things around and am leaning toward this layout.  What do you think?


  1. It's beautiful!!
    You are so talented. I love the close-ups of your work. The perfectly matched seams are amazing.

  2. Thank you Elvera, seams are a bit of a fussy thing and some days my stitch ripper and I are very good friends.  thanks for stopping by!


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