that groundhog

I'm sneaking in before the weekend starts with a quickie post.  Things are set to get pretty busy over the next couple of days as we have a family wedding Saturday and another outing planned for the kids on Sunday which will involve lots of indoor water fun.  I think we really need the latter right about now, come February we all start to feel a bit house bound.  On more then one occasion this week I've heard it voiced by my little people that they are quite done with winter now and ready to move on to greener pastures.  But whoa, not so fast, I just heard the groundhog saw his shadow and well, we all know what that means.  I guess we'll just have to figure out fun ways to keep ourselves occupied.  For me that will be a little easier now that I've drawn up the plans. So far I've:

•• sewn ••


•• cut ••


•• stacked ••


I think that is as far I will get for now, the weekend promises to be filled with lots of living.  Happy Friday, xxx.


  1. Love how your quilt is coming! Love those colors. Enjoy your week-end. Where do you go for indoor water fun? I think we could use some too!

  2. hey you are working so much!!! that is a bunch of beautiful blocks!!!
    have a great weekend!

  3. Wow, that is a whole lot of work completed in just short amount of time. Just beautiful

  4. maybe its the inspiration of the fabric or the person I have in mind, but this quilt is moving along quicker than I thought.

  5. Ive been working crazy fast on this quilt, not my usual pace...maybe Ive stumbled onto something new?  Thanks for stopping by!


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