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Are you a pre-washer when you sew?  I am.  I wash all my fabrics and then iron them out before I begin my task.  It's a time sucker, I know, but it's sort of like making a swatch before knitting up the real thing.  Have you ever purchased an item from the store and after washing it once you just know the item has shrunk changed from it's original state?  Be it clothing or items for the home, it makes me a little more than crazy.

ready, set,

The other day I was reading on Oh Fransson's blog and it made my heart leap for joy I tell ya when she talked about how she's a pre-washer, including her batting.  Oh yes, I do this too, but I've always hand washed it and hung it to dry.  Not Elizabeth, she throws it in the machine and then in the dryer...gasp!!  Of course it's important to note we are talking about the needle punched cotton batting and not the desintegrating polyester fluffy stuff.  Well, I did it.  I crossed my fingers, toes and eyes and threw my batting in washer on a gentle cycle and since I was already in deep, I dove a little further and threw it in the dryer.  And you know what?  It turned out beautifully.  It was easy, peasy and without incident.  I think this has just made my quilting prep. speed up quite dramatically.  Yay, I'm all for that.


Are you a convert yet?  I am, and after all that excitement, I pin basted my vintage number with my freshly washed batting and today I'm gearing up to quilt it.  Wish me luck.  :)


  1. This quilt looks fantastic! I am definitely a prewasher/ironer of fabric. I read Oh Fransson's blog about her prewashing and until then, hadn't even thought of prewashing the batting. I guess it makes sense. I'm not sure I'm a batting washer yet. Maybe for smaller quilts??

  2. Lucia, I was so nervous about washing the batting but I washed it on delicate in my front loader so there was no agitation factor like the old machines.  I think you give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.

  3. It's absolutely wonderful!It's looking really nice. You do such beautiful work.


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