rainy day

It was a rainy day yesterday.  Well not completely but at least the latter part of it.  I was also having one of those Mondays, "off and confusing".  It started with a sleep-in much later than usual.  When I finally got up my hair was standing on end.  Serves me right for going to bed with wet hair.  That was followed by a door bell ring from my post man who was delivering a package to me filled to the brim with fabric.  I quickly threw a hat on my head so I wouldn't subject him to the ultimate bed head.  And no, I have no pictures.  Gotta draw a line somewhere. 


Sometime around 1:10 pm I remembered that we had soccer.  Oops, that one wasn't going to work out either as I had not yet made lunch for everyone.  Now that I had the whole afternoon ahead of me I went to work at the dreaded clothing switch over.  Umm, is there a chore more chore-like than this?  I really do not, never have, and never will enjoy the seasonal clothing switch.  It literally takes forever to figure out who fits what, what is going to be used again, goodwilled, hand-me-downed to family, etc.  The boys dread it just as much.  I usually have to psyche myself up with a good cuppa to get me through the whole experience.  The bright side?  The 4 kids and I are all ready for summer.  We are ready for you summer.  You can show up now, anytime...please...   Winter clothing is almost all packed away in bins until October.  Freshly washed clothing is strewn about the house, hanging dry.  All in all it took about 7 hours of my day to unpack, sort, pack, launder, etc.   Not exactly the way I planned the day, but necessary none the less. 


The evening was just as awry. Dinner was being brought home at 6:50 pm by the hubby who realized the type of day I was having.  Hungry children were whining, the B-meister was crying because he felt tired and emotional.  I was feeling a bit unglued myself.  My hair was still standing on end.  I missed my 7:30 pottery class.  Nothing went terribly wrong today and nothing went terribly right. It is 12:15 am.  The house is quiet.  I can hear the hum of the dryer in the distance as it works overtime keeping up with the extra laundry I created today.  It really was a bizarre sort of day.  I feel a bit like I was living in someone else's body.  I think I'm going to call it quits and just let the day rest.  Let my body and mind rest.   Tomorrow when I awake things will start anew, it's another day to look forward to and I do think it will have a bit of sewing in it.  

ps, I couldn't post without pictures...even if it is of my crazy laundry day. 


  1. Oh .... I had a day just like this, on Monday. It was so yucky. At the end of the day when I was saying prayers with the girls ... we always tell God 3 things we're thankful for ... I couldn't think of ONE thing. That is so sad. I kept at it, and came up with three lame things ... today will be better. :)

  2. a good cuppa what? coffee? gin and tonic? bailey's? I could have used a good cuppa yesterday too!

  3. Another friend was just telling me today of her "clothing-switch-over-woes" - sounds overwhelming! Haven't mothered long enough to experience this in such quantities that you speak of. Right now its just a rubber maid container for each year under 4 give or take a few - being girl or boy.
    Thanks for the well-wishes! It just so happens that I'm starting a batch of kefir this evening!

  4. Yeesh, that is a bad day!! I probably would have been a little short on
    that list had I tried too.

  5. I think it was coffee at the time but that was more because I didn't have a
    nice Shiraz in the house. Did you go watch cycling?

  6. Yeah, it is one of the more unpleasant things of parenting. When they are
    little it's straight forward, mine never wore anything longer than 6 months
    before they outgrew it. Once they get a bit older, growth slows down and
    they get more wear out of clothing. Good for the wallet, a pain for
    organization. I like being able to pack it up and ship it off once I'm
    done. I can't do that anymore. They are all wearing their clothing a little
    Hmm, how is your kefir? Do you make it with water or dairy? I think I may
    have just killed my last batch. I forgot about it with all the renovation
    business and left it out a little too long. It's been in my fridge for a
    long while now cause I'm not sure if I should pitch it or try to salvage

  7. We keep a generous supply of the forbidden stuff in our home, raw milk. So it would be raw cow's milk kefir. I think the grains are usually good in the fridge for several weeks in some filtered water?! - but not thinking, i rinsed my grains in city water, and may have killed the grains i was prepping for storage in chlorinated water. we'll see.
    never tried water kefir. Does it have the fizz?? i like the fizz.

  8. Hi patty-jean,
    I've never tried water kefir, only cow's milk kefir. The raw milk sounds
    like it would be tasty. Did your kefir turn out okay?


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