flower making...

...should always follow a rainy day.  Don't you agree? 

making flowers - step 7

Instructions available in picture description at flickr.  Click on photo for further details.

making flowers - step 1

making flowers - step 2

making flowers - step 3

making flowers - step 4

making flowers - step 5

making flowers - step 6

I'm still working on my laundry pile.  Seems there is always a basket or two lurking in the corners waiting to be done.  But things turned out much better the next day, as expected  Fresh start right?  Love that I can go to dream land at night and wake up with a whole new perspective.  This little trick has also saved hubby and I from many a late night argument.  Sleep it off I say, sleep it off.   


  1. no, I did not go to watch bikes... Mike brought home my serger after work... so I got straight at it. I made 26 slings last night! finishing seams today. what a machine I am... thanks to newly serviced jenome....
    see you at the picnic!


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