not so ugly


When we first moved to this house there were two trees on the property that I really wanted to remove.  The trees were rather ugly and I was having a really difficult time imagining anything good about them.  It didn't help that they were terribly overgrown and neglected.  They weren't alone, it seems most of the trees and shrubs on the property were.

ornamental crabapple ?

But being a third time homeowner and new to the property we like to wait a bit to see how the vegetation will transform itself during the first year or so.  Surprisingly enough our "ugly" trees have turned themselves into something completely gorgeous making the case for removal a moot point.  Umm, it sure wasn't flowering when we moved in. 

a thing of beauty

I think I'll just have to deal with the ill-placed trees in favor of gorgeous pink blossoms and bring in an arborist to help me cut this baby back.  The tree looks like a malus variety (ornamental crabapple).  Do you have any ideas?  Remember your guess has to be within garden zone 3, for hardy vegetation. 


  1. I don't know their name in English but in the city I grew up these bloom every spring along the Bosphorus channel turn the city into a huge romantic get away. The name of these shrubs (if you can be patient enough you'll see them reach the size of a real tree) back there is ERGUVAN. Type and google it in google images.

  2. Thank you for that information, I googled the name and the trees are beautiful!


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