300th post!

I spent my weekend working on the quilt, driving the hubby & B-meister to a hockey game, then off to Fusion for all of us and finally outside all day yesterday keeping all manner of family happy in the hot sun that has finally arrived.  Oh the joy of water play and wet dog.  I can't seem to keep him from jumping in on the fun.  Who can blame him, I love summer fun too!

backyard fun

I also love giveaways and since it's my 300th post there really should be a giveaway, shouldn't there?  I recently entered a wee giveaway myself and won a lovely handmade bag and pin cushion, a big thank you to Kristina for all her hard work
and generous spirit. 

backyard fun.

In the meantime, let me think on that giveaway for a wee bit.  I will definitely have
one, just not sure what will be up for grabs so stay tuned. I promise it won't contain a wet dog ;)


  1. Congratulations! That's an awesome milestone.

  2. Simone, a big milestone and it probably also means I spend too much time on the computer ;)


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