a glimpse of what's past

It's time to check in and wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope that you are enjoying the remaining days of the holiday season before the routine of life starts up again. I realize some of you may already be in the midst of the routine but for those who are fortunate enough to have a few extra days of slow down time, enjoy each and every moment of it.

snapshot of 2008

We are loving the slower pace of having daddy at home these past two weeks.  It's been so enjoyable that I've been reluctant to turn on the computer unless necessary.  A bit of a break is alright I think?  As life would have it though the hubby is off tonight enjoying a little time with his dad (aka "Papa") before they (Papa and "Nana") get on a plane and head back to their neck of the woods.  (I'm going to really miss you guys you know?!)  Now that I've got all the kids in bed and before I curl up with some wool and a movie I thought I'd press or a button or two and wish you a most wonderful year ahead.  May your days be filled with adventure, excitement and creativity, as well much peace and joy.   Thank you for stopping by so faithfully.  See you in a couple more days.  xoxo

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