santa you can drive on by

Christmas is in the habit of coming early in this house. Sometimes by the hand of loved ones who know you so well, and then there are the times when you have to take matters into your own hands. The hubby and I decided that hiring out our renovations was the best gift we could give to each other this holiday season. The time that mr. Aldo has saved us and given us works out to a months of weekends that we have together and with the kids. How sweet a gift indeed. But if that isn't enough good news, a packaged arrived in the mail yesterday. I wasn't expecting it until sometime January, but things have a way of working out.

Ipod classic

I did something completely frivolous and self serving, or so it feels, I cashed in my airmiles for the iPod classic. I am now 120 GB heavier. That's about 90 GB heavier than the hubby's, not that I'm comparing. 

Ipod classic...

I realize that with the iPhone and the Touch, the classic isn't really that exciting but I will find much enjoyment and use while we set up our newly renovated space. I see many a podcast in my future. Happy weekend before Christmas. xoxo


  1. Love, love, love listening to podcasts. My favorites are This American Life (NPR). Also like Speaking of Faith (NPR) and Tapestry (CBC).
    What do you like? I'm always looking for something new (and good).

  2. To satisfy the crafter in me I can be found listening to Craftsanity. For the curious me I love, love, love listening to TED talks. I'm also trying to find a good old time radio site that has old radio theatre. Takes me back to my teens listening to CBC radio on Saturday nights. I think that might also reveal what a boring kid I was, lol. I was going to check out The Hour as well by George (I have too many vowels in my last name) Stroumboulopoulos. Then I'm going to check out your recommendations :)

  3. Not to mention the 150 hours of video you can watch. I wish I had some peppermint bark now. Oatmeal with Splenda will have to do instead.


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