finising what I've started

skirts for two

The sewing that didn't take place last week is in full throttle this week.  I'm stuck home with a head cold and sick boys so what better way to pass time than to embrace those unfinished projects.

peasant girls

I had this idea in my head for awhile, a layered, twirly skirt.  I made a version earlier in the year but that still ended up being quite different with free moving layers.   This time around I wanted something that had more fabric to it and more twirl, girls gotta twirl don't you know.  


The skirt is made up of 4 layers that gradually increase in size as you get to the bottom where there is a oh-so-girlie ruffle, finishing the edge.  It has your basic elastic waist.  The vest is based on Burda pattern 9630. I made mine reversible because the back side of this corduroy fabric was colorless and washed out looking. I didn't get around to putting a button or tie on the vest and may not as it seems to stay in place without it.

the vest of me

I can't really decide if the skirt is peasant like.  The whole outfit has that peruvian doll feel going on with it. Then again that could just be the bright colors playing with my brain.

dancing dolls

The girls were happy to model these little numbers for me providing I let them twirl and dance for pictures. With all the dancing and moving that they do, their dance recital that is scheduled in a week should go really well. 

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