all decorated

The trees are decorated.  All four of them.  Each one completed by four creative souls that dwell under this roof. 


We are making the most of our current situation with lots of small handmade moments and each day our surroundings look a little more festive.

rudolf the red nosed...

It's quite a simple existence this year.  Bringing home the realization of how little we can live with and yet still have that feeling of contentment.  I want need to be about contentment, for all of my todays and tomorrows.  For my sake; for their sake.  It brings a sense of calm and peace to our way of life.  

a tree topper of tiny proportions

There have been so many transitions over the past year. Leaving one house behind to create new memories in this home, the ducky house. Now that we are here, things continue to be unsettled in the physical realm. Bedrooms are being shared and renovated, spaces are tight and cramped at times, rooms are being worked into what makes our family comfortable. All that takes time and we find ourselves living out,
patience in action. contentment. 

christmas crafting

I can't think of a better reminder as we get closer to the big C day {{Christmas}}. 

Beyond the trees
the lights
the ribbons and bows. 
The wrappings
the trappings
and seasonal shows.
It's a time to reflect
on the ones very dear
whether far & away
or closer & near.

The real gifts of the season are knowing we have each other, that we are together.
living. laughing. loving.  And finding our way today, through this merry season.  

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