don't you sew anymore?

Asks one of my girls the other day.  I have an excuse, really I do.  My machine has been in the shop for the past couple of weeks and before that it was Christmas, where my gift giving centered around the sticks.  Now that all those events have passed I need to find a new rhythm with sewing but life is distracting me.  I have other work that is begging to be done and these are my current tools of the trade. 

Tools of the trade

After a couple months hiatus it's time I started back at my kitchen cupboards.   Not the actual cupboards in the kitchen, those were finished in the fall, but the doors.   I still haven't had doors on my cupboards since we moved in.  They've been sitting in a pile in my basement waiting for their turn in our renovation process. 

Tools of the trade....

Before the snow arrived we did a bit of work on the doors by ripping off the old molding that had too many ridges for sanding.  No way on earth was I going to spend countless hours trying to remove the stain off those babies.  Uh-uh.  Instead we replaced the old with a new flat smooth (and primed) molding that will make my job a slight bit easier. 

Tools of the trade.

Fast forward to where I am today with that nagging feeling of an unfinished project.   So it's time to get busy.   Let me start by telling you upfront that re-finishing is not for the faint at heart.   It's a tedious little process of (and most of the time I enjoy the tedious)
painting, waiting for paint to dry, sanding, more painting, more waiting for paint to dry, more sanding and still more sessions like these.  In the end I'll be left with creamy off-white cupboards that have that old and antique look.  Either that or they'll just look dirty. ;)

Tools of the trade..

Have a good weekend, xoxo

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  1. Wow, or should it be woe? Just reading this makes me exhausted, but I'm sure the final product will be worth it.


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