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Someone new in the house

I have a new sewing machine thanks to my big sister.  She offered to trade machines with me.  The reasons?  She says she hardly uses the machine for more than mending and basic sewing.  I think she traded because she loves me, but mostly because she is a generous soul.  She always has been.  It's the way she is wired.  Anytime we have gone down to visit her (she lives in the US), her home is always comfortable and she never makes you feel like you are an imposition.  Even when you know you are imposing, by having you own American friends rendezvous at her casa, she warmly opens her home and her arms to you and your friends.  Really it should be no surprise to me that she was offering me her Husqvarna machine, but I am none the less, and ever so grateful.

going retro

It is a huge step up in the sewing equipment department for me.   I've been contentedly sewing on a Kenmore that my hubby purchased for me 14 years earlier but admit to feeling a bit limited with it when it came to doing more serious quilting.  Really a newer machine was just a matter of time.

linen and retro love

I'm all upgraded now, even put the machine in the shop for a check up, purchased correct
bobbins, needles and some other accessories to keep me busy.  The retro fabric is cut and I'm ready to rock it.  Thanks sis' for loving me and spoiling me :) 

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  1. soooo jealous!
    and also grateful for your sis as one of the rendezvous-ers.
    speaking of... we're in sad need of a visit. do we really have to get passports for everyone?


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