feeding the birds

It's cold, so very cold.  I think that may be a consitent theme with me during January and February. I was born and raised on the Canadian prairie and it never ceases to amaze (and disturb) me just how cold it can get.  Brrr.    Maybe I'm not such a hearty girl after all?  

The next two months are pretty challenging for me as a homeschooling parent.   The constant barrage of cold (temperatures plus wind chills leave us in the -30's (celsius) on most days) keep us indoors for extended periods of time.  When we do go outside it is a an exercise in patience as we layer ourselves in pants, sweatshirts, snow pants, jackets, mitts, scarves and good old Canadian Sorels to keep those tender tootsies warm.   By the time I've assisted with all the dressing I'm pretty tuckered out myself until I realize I still have to get my own gear on.  On those days when the adventure of going outside eludes us we stay in, put a log on the fire and make the most of our housebound existence with reading, baking & of course crafts.  It's especially nice when you can combine all three as an opportunity for learning, after all isn't learning supposed to be fun?

making birdfood

Lately we've been captivated by birds, birds and more birds.  It probably started back with the water fowl when we moved to the duckyhouse and now it has escalated to include other species.  Fictional reads, costumes & educational materials have kept our interests growing and now that the cold has set in we find ourselves thinking about the birds that are non-migratory, such as black-capped chickadees, brown creepers, and woodpeckers to name a few.   They stick around to brave the ridiculous temperatures by growing heavier feathers, shivering or burrowing themselves in the snow; for food you can often find them somewhere near a bird feeder.  When I went out to shovel the snow the other day, I noticed my neighbor's bushy everygreen tree was host to about 15 birds fluttering about the feeder.  At our last house we had a couple of feeders, but one broke during the move and the other has not yet surfaced.   Such is life I guess when you move but that shouldn't stop us from feeding the birds.

crafting is for the birds

So the wheels turn...feed the birds, feed the birds.  We rented a library book once that talked about pine cone feeders and it just so happened that there was a bag of pine cones sitting by my front door from one of our fall walks back in October.  I can't tell you how many times my hubby has asked me what that bag of pine cones was for and I kept telling him I wasn't sure yet, procrastination paid off once again.  After a quick stop at the grocery store for supplies, umm no I don't usually have suet in my freezer, we were all set up for making our pine cone feeders.

pine cone feeders

I've put together a "how to" in pdf. format for downloading Pine Cone Feeders
.  It's my first pdf. so be gentle with me ;)  I'll add it to my side bar shortly.  

pine cone feeder hanging

The kids had a lot of fun making these feeders and even more fun hanging them up.  After we finished making these we realized that bird feeders could be made with other items through out the house with a little effort and some time.  I'll be back to share some photos of our recycled bird feeders with you next week.  Happy Weekend, xoxo.


  1. well done! and great PDF! We did these at the lake over christmas and I have been meaning to make some for home too! At the lake we used bacon fat from breakfast to concoct a suet of our own... thanks for the tutorial and the inspiration. As always your photos are lovely!
    I miss you guys!

  2. We made these a couple of years ago and tied them to our fire escape on the 6th floor. (City kids). The pigeons scared the smaller birds away, but it did make for some interesting nature observation. Great pdf. Thank you for sharing. Oh, and that table cloth is gorgeous.

  3. I hear you on the winter gear...we put it on twice a day within a 2.5 hour time span...luckily both the boys have been very agreeable and despite Keirs seeming hate for babywearing and being under my jacket we are surviving...of course it's only been a week.
    The birdfeeders look like fun...a project to keep in mind for a later date when the boys are older.

  4. That sounds like a great weekend project for the kidlets. We've got ourselves a membership to Fort Whyte so we'll be trekking out there this year for some nature lovin' stuff to do too. It's time the kidlets drop the toys (noisy, very noisy toys) and learn some fun nature stuff. Thank you as always for great ideas!

  5. Tami Jo - crafting over Christmas and bacon fat, you've got all the bases covered!
    Simone - that would have been fun watching the birds off your fire escape. Btw, the table cloth is another happy thrift find. I really need to start blogging about my thrift finds again.
    Maggie - Oh man, that is definitely one perk to homeschooling. The dressing and undressing makes me whiny.
    Karla - call me when you are heading to Fort Whyte.


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