If you are reading this then you made it over. Welcome to my new home.  I hope you like your visit and find some inspiration here or at the very least something to read while you are drinking your morning, afternoon or evening coffee.  So why the move you ask?  I blame it on the house move.  Our new surroundings are chalked full of nature, water and more nature.  My twin girls have aptly named our new homestead the "ducky house" and can not speak about our home without first mentioning the "ducky house," so why fight it.  New house, new virtual home, it all makes sense to me.

Did I forget to mention last month that I turned 40?  Whoa, the start of another decade, that feels like a momentous change to me.  And what better way to celebrate than to chop off those locks and start with a new 'do.'  I noticed that I was slipping into that "always in a ponytail" hairstyle.  After a while I was trying to figure out what exactly was the point of all that hair if I wasn't going to let it be free (moving plus home renos can be really hard on the style ritual you know).  The obvious solution:

:: before ::

Ponytail me

:: after ::

new me

I haven't had serious layers since the 80's.  So far I'm liking it and as long as I get up in the morning and do the style thing I should be safe from looking like the school bus driver lady. 

I'll be back with more on the 'ducky house' and stuff.  Oh and one more thing, don't forget to change your links to my new blog address, ttfn.

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