operation renovation

home is a bi-level situated on a lake just inside our city limits. 
When we first saw the home my hubby Paul was in awe of the backyard. 
My first impression was "yeah, the yard is great, but we won't be
living in it all year round."  Sooner or later we have to go indoors, I
mean this is Canada after all and the winter is long and cold, and the
indoors well, they weren't so hot. 

front of house

(picture above is from the realtor's website)

After owning 2 homes and doing
renovations in both neither Paul nor I wanted another fixer-upper, but
our options were very limited.  Buying brand new would mean (I would)
re-enter the work force full time and my kids lives would dramatically
change from our home schooling rhythm.  This was clearly not the right path for us, so after viewing about 40
different homes and seeing the endless work
involved in many of them, the ducky house was starting to look

back of house

While it feels like there is tons of work
in the ducky house, it is mostly cosmetic.  Structurally the house is in good shape,
just in desperate need of updating as much of the house has stayed in it's
original design, circa 1978.  Our fixed income means that most of the
updating will happen via our own hands during the free hours.  disclamer: as a home schooling mum of 4 with a hubby that works full time (& then some), I'm starting to wonder if "free time" is a big ol' contradiction.  And because I'm all about keeping it fun,  I'll be journaling the things that we accomplish along the way as an encouragement for me and the mister,
and for many of you who find themselves in the same
situation.  Of course it should go without saying that I will still be sprinkling the posts with crafty goodness & family adventures.  I don't think I could manage without a bit of a reprieve here and there. 

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  1. those dresses on your flickr sidebar are so cute. did you make them? of course you did ... why do i even ask.


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