40 things

I was planning a completely different post but thought it would be fun to reveal forty facts about me to add to the celebratory nature of my new decade. 

  1. I live in the same city I was
    born in.

  2. I have 12 older brothers and

  3. I am the tallest in my family,
    above everyone, female and male. I’m 5’10”

  4. I live in a 4 season climate
    but dream about living where there is no snow

  5. I love all things Christmas:
    decorating, baking, decorating, eating, decorating, family, etc

  6. I find it easier to stay up
    late then get up early but I'm working hard at changing this.

  7. I've been married for 15 years
    to Paul

  8. I lived in Scotland for the first 6 months of
    those years.

  9. I would love to live in Japan if only for the fabric and

  10. I don't do the phone, though at
    times I really should!

  11. I drink one cup (usually) of
    very strong coffee in the morning

  12. I think I am allergic to yeast.

  13. I home school my children

  14. I have co-slept with my

  15. In fact while we renovate the
    ducky house they are all sleeping in our room

  16. I’ve given birth to 5 children

  17. My first baby was a girl and
    she died one hour after she was born. 
    I named her Hope because I felt so hopeless. 

  18. One week before she was born I
    had a dream that something was wrong. 
    I phoned my doctor and he sent me to see a neo-natal specialist who
    confirmed my worst fears that something was wrong.  She had trisomy 13.

  19. I opted not to do genetic testing.

  20. I've been forever changed through that experience and it has greatly altered my perceptions on life, how I parent, etc.

  21. Two months after Hope died I
    found out I was pregnant with my first son.

  22. Around the same time I said to
    my family “wouldn’t it be great if God gave us twin girls one day?”

  23. Son number two came a couple
    of years later

  24. And the twin girls followed a
    few years after that.

  25. I believe in God

  26. I think God believes in me too.

  27. I am extremely grateful to be
    raising 4 energetic & healthy children.  

  28. I am an extended breast feeding

  29. I have nursed each of our
    children for over 3 years

  30. I tandem nursed the twins. 

  31. Though
    I think we are done having children (naturally) I always joke around
    to my hubby and say that
    there is one more little boy inside of me waiting
    to get out, he gets scared when I say

  32. Seriously
    though I would love to adopt Chinese twin girls.  I think I’m a
    great candidate after all
    I have all the twin paraphernalia plus I’m
    already used to being

  33. I am a simple girl in a complex
    sort of way

  34. I want my life to reflect that

  35. I play piano and have been
    classically trained for a number of years. 

  36. I think I suck at piano now and
    would really love to learn the cello.

  37. I love reading and usually fall
    asleep with a book in my hands, my hubby wakes up and turns off the light.

  38. I secretly would love to be a
    farmer & to grow my own food. 

  39. then I watch Little House on the
    Prairie and I am happy for my central heat & grocery store. 

  40. I starting taking yoga to help
    me, take care of me, so far so good. 


(photo outtakes from this past year)

New house, new virtual house, new hair do and now new information...whew, I can't take it, I'm such a party animal.


  1. Super cute hair. LOVE it!!! I made an appointment myself today ....
    That's a great pic of mom and kiddos. You're all too cute.

  2. that is the cutest thing ever!!!!


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