babes and birthdays

My baby girls turned 4 years old earlier this month.  It's hard to believe they are that old already. This mumma still remembers the days when they were teeny tiny, cozily sharing a bouncy seat while I subjected them to photo upon photo to capture their cuteness.

the babes

and oh how cute were their feet...toe lint and all ?

these feet were made for dancing

Those same precious feet have taken them on many a journey over the past 4 years.  Exploring, discovering, running, playing and so much more.  Including their latest adventure.

here we go

The dance.    

dancing baby dance

Miss A and Miss J are taking dance classes.  Ballet, tap and jazz.
Movement and motion for two wee girlies who have kept this mumma in
motion since their arrival. 

We'll be in motion this weekend as we head off across the border for a few days of R&R and home renovation escape.  Hope you find some time to relax too!  Happy Weekend.  xoxo

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