cooler days mean...

manos del uruguay

I'm back from my little mini holiday across the border.  It was a lovely time of play and eating with some necessary shopping mixed in but mostly we re-gathered ourselves as a family and took the time to just 'be' together and soak each other in.  We arrived back very late Sunday night, picked up our little pooch who was staying with his brother in our absence (my sister and I have brother dogs) and promptly went to sleep in our own comfy beds exhausted...ahhh. 

manos del uruguay

Early the next morning the kids woke me up as they crawled into my bed with frozen fingers and toes all clambering to get close to the warm sleeping mumma.  It would almost have been a rude awakening had their cuteness not overwhelmed me.  They were right to come for a warm up cuddle as our house was so cold.  I jumped out of bed, turned the heat on then quickly jumped back under the covers where I remained until each of my kidlets felt they were adequately warm.  *sigh* I guess it's that time of the year again.  Long pants, sweaters, socks, jackets, hats, mitts and scarfs.

cooler days mean...

I made an impulse purchase at my LYS.  One skein of Manos del Uruguay.  I fell in love with the colors and realized it would look lovely with my favorite green jacket.   "Scarf", it said to me "scarf."  "I need to be a scarf, not just any old scarf but a long skinny kind that can wrap around your neck forever."    With that I set out on the internet for patterns that would work but nothing seemed to grab me.  I settled with a basic stocking stitch but after about 50 rows it was evident that the ss was not going to work.  The scarf kept twisting into a circular tube which was making me crazy. Back to the drawing board

favorite scarf for my favorite green jacket
That's when I found it.  The pattern originates as a neck warmer which was far from a long scarf, but it was the stitch that drew me in.  Almost cross stitch like in appearance it really showed off the varigated beauty of the wool.   I cast on 20 stitches instead of the prescribed 30 and worked the pattern for a full skein.  Though at times it felt like the scarf was never going to end, sure enough it did and the finished measurement was 177.08 cm, as long as me. Now I need to get busy making something to keep my fingers warm.  Have a great day!

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  1. I love that yarn .. wish I knew how to knit. I go into a yarn store and I don't even know which way is up. But I love looking.


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