We made a haunted gingerbread house over the weekend.  I whipped up the gingerbread on Friday evening while the kidlets were dreaming of candy & costumes. 
Fall is such a fun time of year for us.  It all starts early in October with Thanksgiving then moves right along to Halloween.  The kids have a lot of fun thinking about what they want to dress up
as.  Most of the time it usually involves me creating something that
isn't available for purchase like a JubJub - what exactly is that you ask?...maybe I'll make a previous halloween costumes post.   

We've made the traditional Christmas gingerbread houses in the past, but this year it
dawned on me that the idea could be re-translated for Halloween.  Thus
our hauntingly, sweet gingerbread house.

Decorated by Master J & Master B with oodles of cavity decaying sugar, icing and more.  My teeth are already aching for them.

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