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I've been wanting to make the girls some black leggings. Oh I know I could probably go out and buy a pair, but sometimes "going out" really isn't all that convenient when there are a million other things to do like sewing. I dug through my stash of fabric on Saturday and found some stretchy, black knit that looked like it would do the trick. I didn't have a pattern so instead I made a pattern by following the outline of a pair of leggings that they already own. After a bit of tweaking this and tweaking that, it was rather straight forward. Without a serger, sewing with knits is a tricky endeavor. However, I went through the manual on my machine and found a serging stitch that I put to the test.  I was pleasantly surprised that it worked out (I've only owned my machine for over a decade and never used that stitch *geez*). Now I'm itching to make another couple of pairs.


Here are Miss A & Miss J modeling them for me (butt view) on our trek to the YMCA yesterday.


The boys were wall climbing and the girls were doing their best to be a captive audience.


The boys really enjoyed working the wall and are becoming quite comfortable with climbing. My oldest son J, went all the way to the top and touched the ceiling. Way to go! It's his birthday today so I think we will head out for a bit to the local book store to cash in one of his gift cards. We had his big family party last week, so it will be a bit low key today. I'll make him a cake, sing the birthday song to him with his siblings and
marvel that my once wee baby boy is now 10. *sniffle* 

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  1. I'm embarrassed to even type this .... we went to friend's house on Sat. eve. They have 1 boy and 2 girls, so I had to give the "make sure you include the boy" speech. And suggested they play pretend like they did with your boys (evidence that boys can be fun to play with too). My oldest says, "Oh J? ... he's so dreamy" in an airy fairy voice that only one in love would use. My WORD!!! Your boys made quite the impression.


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