bumps in the road

If you visit on a regular basis you would have noticed that a banner change was made a couple of days ago.  Spurred on by a much needed walk in the woods the other day - I was having a dysfunctional mummy day and so I needed some fresh air.  Being that the kidlets are my shadows, where I go they follow, they came along.  If they had their way they would live in the woods: climbing, exploring, stick and bug hunting.



This time I have with my children I know is fleeting and so I do my best to try to enjoy the moment.  Many, many times I fail at it, but I press on towards creating and discovering what makes us a family.


And then I remind myself, in a particularly difficult moment, that it is not the perfection of the day that matters but my ability to
engage, adjust and respond to the (little) people around me throughout the course of a day.

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