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The chilly, fall weather has me bundling up a bit more right now. Part of that bundling is the scarf accessory. I am perpetually looking for a scarf that doesn't make me feel itchy especially with the eczema that keeps flaring up on my neck. *scratch, scratch* Seems that out of the numerous scarves that I own only one is a keeper but it is too heavy for the fall season. Off I go to my fabric stash.


I found a dark grey fabric that is so super soft and perfect fit for my black corduroy jacket. I picked a few reproduction prints and paired them up with the grey for a patchwork motif. I'm loving the red leaves and the scotty dogs in the next picture are too cute. The opposite side is basic grey for those conservative moments *hah*, with a little extra decorative stitching here and there.

This was my late night treat to myself while my hubby was up late singing up a storm in his studio. I think I'm going out today for wee bit of time to myself and you can bet I'll be wearing my scarf :)   


  1. I can not get over how talent you are. I'm seeing a side of you i've never seen before. Good Job!!!

  2. WOW! how cute is that scarf! You're so extra awesome! It's my first time stopping by! Glad I did!


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