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I am so missing my blog time right now.  It represents so many things for me.  It is a quiet place in a home full of voices & activity.  It is a glimpse into my day.  It is record of the things I create & enjoy.  It is a place of lightness where the real work of life seems far away.

It has been a grueling 3 weeks of re-ordering the inside of my home and it has been worth it. I even spontaneously painted the laundry room to brighten it up; washed the windows, hung curtains, it looks so much better. I suspect that everything will be done in the next day or two. Just in time to get ready for (one month late) Miss A & Miss J's 3rd birthday celebration.  Where has the time gone? I still remember the days when my wee girls could lay side by side in a bouncy seat.

I'll be back early next week for some regular blogging & crafting, as well as birthday photos, me hopes. Thanks for your patience.  xoxo 

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  1. WOW has it been that long since I've checked in?! Man time flies, eh! The girls are 3 already? That's just insane! D has started school (I'm not as disciplined as you guys homeschooling, I give you a lot of credit!!!). R's birthday is on the 15th and he's turning 3 as well. He's getting a bit closer to the potty training idea so I'm sort of looking forward to that (yeah right! Like I've ever done that before! Is it as hard as they say?)
    Anyway, I miss you guys! I'm glad things are going well, minus the boys being a bit under the weather.
    Gotta run,
    Love ya


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