Some friendships just pick up no matter the distance or where you leave off.   Even adding more children to the mix doesn't seem to phase things too much.   The conversations may get louder out of necessity, but there remain those quiet moments when all the wee ones have worn out with activity.      
We've just finished up a week of holidays with friends, visiting from Chicago.  It was a wonderful time of catching up over good food and family fun.  We even managed a couple of evenings out courtesy of my mum who babysat a brood of 6 children.  What a trooper! 
The children, all so much bigger had countless hours of playtime, whether we stayed close to home or wandered off to the parks and other places.



Yesterday we were sad to see our dear friends go, but after extending their trip already for an extra day and the ever looming jobs calling the men-folk to work on Monday morning, it was inevitable that our fun was going to end.  I fear we may all be in withdrawl this week.

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  1. i'm so depressed to be home! waaaaahhhhhhh.....
    major withdrawal. the kids have been moping around (as is their mama).
    thank you so much for having us, and happy anniversary and happy birthday all at once. we love you guys so much. *squeeze*


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