for Paul

Today is my 14th Wedding Anniversary.


(Oy! We look so young!)

Lots has happened in the past 14 years; lots of laughter & good times, lots of challenges & hard work. Quite a few new things have joined our two-some: four kids & a mini-van (it's impossible to separate them), our home, a dog, fish & hamster (the latter occasionally renewed when the situation arose); and still so many dreams unrealized.

Did we have any idea what the future held for us on this day way back then? I don't think so. Yesterday I was feeling a bit in the dumps and got to being all too reflective about the past 14 years. At the best of times such reflection needs to be done in a careful light remembering that marriage is a marathon not a sprint. 

Today I celebrate:
14 years of marriage experience & understanding
14 years of knowing my husband,


14 years of committed loving,
14 years of growing as an individual,
14 years of friendship,
14 years of intimacy, 
Thank you for loving me these past 14 years. 


  1. Happy Anniversary~ may you have many, many more!!

  2. Wow - 14yrs cool! congrats to many many more. I have that pic of you guys - you guys haven't changed a bit.

  3. wow - 14 years. congratulations. Lovely photo of your wedding day.


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