is it over?

I fear we may have seen our last warm beach days of the season.  The weather is cooling down and though it makes for great sleeping at night, it is settling in far too fast.   I have some pictures of our last trek to the beach and while I am sure we will visit it again, I doubt very much that it will be in bathing suits.  I'm crying already.


It's a twin thing. (What exactly are they doing there?)

This next photo is of the girls and I on the beach, sorry it is so blurry.


My wonderful boys making one of their last summer treks into the water.

Even the monarch hung around for some photos and inspiration (to follow later).


That's it for now.  I've been working at a few new & unfinished projects (has it really been that long since I've worked on this one?) this week, none of which are ready to be shown but hopefully I'll have some crafty pics soon.


  1. We're still hoping to go tomorrow. Fingers crossed it will be warm.
    (there's somethine weird going on with your comments ... at least on my computer ... the last two comments I've made, whenever I click the mouse in the comment box, it takes me to the 'find madeline' page. Weird.)

  2. hmm, that is weird. I will disable that typelist for a bit and see if the problem rectifies itself.
    let me know, okay?


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