sew seventies

I came across this vintage 70's sheet awhile back. It sat in my sewing stash until yesterday waiting paitiently in hopes of being given another life, another purpose.

I love how my children spur on creative ideas for me. Their days are filled with adventure where they collect various items to play or imagine with. Along the way they have collected a few, very cherished items that seem to go everywhere with us, which makes their little hands so very full. 


At tote is a practical solution and a round one is just fun!
I decided to give them a bit more room in this tote by making it round. The added bonus is items are a lot easier to see & more accessible in a round bag for my oh so busy toddlers.


I'm calling this tote the "catch-all" but have yet to decide on the spelling. I was thinking
of something funky like "katchall" or "ketchall", but I don't know. What do you think?


I gave the "ketchalls" to miss A & miss J today when they woke up. The immediately smiled and filled them with toys to take downstairs. 

Ahh, it is nice to be making something again after weeks of craftlessness. Dare I hope to do more this weekend? 

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