self portrait tuesday

I was playing with photo shop and putting some funky finishes on my picture. I really do need to take a course on how to utilize this program, there is just so much to learn. I love the effect of this "poster" finish.


We stole some time away on Friday to do a little anniversary celebrating. We took in a dinner/theatre show where the actors are also your servers. It was an entertaining evening and to top it off my hubby had our two very dear friends join us as a surprise. What fun!

It is always a bit tricky finding time to get away when you have young children. I have felt acutely aware of it since our twin girls arrived (almost 3 years now). They are busy, busy girls, much busier than my boys were at their age. This fact alone shocks me. As challenging as raising twins can be the benefits are incredible. When we arrived home the wee girlies were still wide awake doing circles around my mum. I settled them in for a nights sleep with some book reading and cuddling.


They love story time. They intently listen as we read our own version of what is going on in the pictures. I try to keep my story time with them during the day. I'm still fresh and don't mind too terribly the repetition that comes with reading to toddlers. Plus evening time reading is usually reserved for my youngest ds; we are almost done reading the first Harry Potter book out loud. Yahoo! 


  1. You look Lovely and your 2 children too!!!
    Kind regards,

  2. maidenmonica@gmail.com21 August 2007 at 17:01

    I have been dying to read the HP books to my girls. But I don't know if they're too young. Abby is so sensitive and has nightmare.
    So I started reading the first book this summer, but only got a few chapters in ... I'm just waffeling. I think maybe I'll just read it to Emma. She'd be fine with it, I think.
    And AMEN to the keeping the reading for the daytime. By bed time I am so DONE. I do not want to spend another minute with my dear, beloved, wonderful children. Bedtime = mamatime. But they don't think so ... I get kids begging for cuddle time and reading time at BEDTIME. What part of BEDtime do they not get??? :)

  3. You are a good mama. We do the bedtime reading thing and my husband is much more patient for all the repetitions. Although, I do take Lily to the library every week and we sit and read there...
    I really enjoyed reading your blog. Which country do you live in?


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