yum, yum

The power of suggestion can be very strong at times.  I was going
along through the day, minding my own business, sort of, when I sat
down to read a good friend's blog.  She was making pita bread.  I think they
love bread in that house...they must, they must.   Well of course you can guess what happened next.   All it took was a little post inspiration and the course of the day was set.  Pita bread anyone?  Make sure you visit her blog for a link to the recipe.  

all puffed up

Pita making is pretty simple which surprised me, though I'm not totally
sure why.  Must be one of those "bread" things where you think it is
harder than it actually is.  There are only a handful of ingredients and once the dough is prepared you just have to sit back relax.  Unless of course you get the idea craving for fresh hummus to go along with the pitas.   It helps after consulting the said hummus recipe to have tahini paste in your fridge (don't we all??) and sesame oil.   Staple ingredients right?  Oh and while I was kicking around my fridge crisper looking for that darn lemon, I stumbled upon a long english on the verge of extinction so you probably know what happened next.  Yup, washed, peeled, and then with a bit of olive oil, red wine vinegar and a touch of s & p (salt and pepper) we were ready to sit back.

the spread

So where were we?  Oh yeah, got distracted by the accompanying crowd.  Once the pitas have done their thing (rise) and you have done your thing (roll into balls, rest dough again, then flatten) you are almost there.  Pop them in the oven, cooking time took 5 minutes with a few extra to cool until we were enjoying warm
pitas with fresh hummus & cucumbers.  Yum.  The kids loved them.  I loved them.  Can't say I'll be doing store bought again.  It's a shoe-in for a repeat. 

yum, yum


  1. yay! I have converted another handmade pita family! THey are so much better fresh!
    i made 3 batches yesterday and distributed then to pattyjean (due anyday) and my neighbours... share the love.

  2. OHhhh that looks good. I'm going to try it! We're huge pita fans at this house and I can only imagine the homemade version is so much better tasting that bought!

  3. Yummy...your pita bread looks so good!

  4. We so appreciated the "love"! We were eating pitas all weekend - mmmmmm - the white onces were like pastry, and the whole grain one's we had with hummus or made into small pizzas!

  5. So true Tami, I found them so much lighter and softer in texture. You are a
    pita making machine.

  6. Yeah, so much better and way fresher.

  7. Marcella - they were really yummy! I made more over the weekend and we
    stuffed them with cheese & veggies.

  8. You are a lucky girl, with a good friend ;) I love the pizza idea.

  9. Yum you just made me hungry & I do not have time to stop & make pita bread when I have to be packing!

  10. Oh it's an evil thing to be hungry and have no time. Are you packing for a
    move or a trip. Having done the move thing last year I will hope for you
    that it is a trip :) thank you for dropping by.


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