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The current state of my linen scrappy wip.

linen & patchwork, wip

We got the call last week from our reno guy that he had a few days to come and work on a project if we were ready for him.  It was one of those, agree to take him on now or wait until June, things.  The project entailed lots of new drywalling (damaged walls) and a flooring install, enough to keep him busy for a few days or us for a month. Umm, I don't think so, not-waiting-one-more-day, no thank you... The room will be a bedroom when it is finally completed and believe me, we don't have enough of those right now.  "That future bedroom" needed to be put out of it's misery and fast.   We started by emptying it of all it's items and believe me there was a lot!  It became a sort of dumping zone to say it mildly since we moved here last summer.  But before we could do this we had to put the finishing touches on the everything room so we could move the office furniture, music equipment and toys into place.  We had to unpack about 20 boxes filled with books, glorious books, that we haven't seen in over a year.  That was the best part and I had tons of help from eager hands who were itching for a good read. Next on the  list was taking down some really awful wallpaper in "that future bedroom", the kind of wallpaper that makes the case against ever putting up wallpaper - 1980's show-home gray and peach.  Add what was once white carpet into the picture and the ick factor just keeps doubling. I don't "ick" easily but old carpet really does me in.

linen and patchwork

Now that our part is done I'd like to squeeze some time in for more linen and patchwork goodness and maybe even some photos of the finished everything room when the sun decides to shine.  We're ready for you mr. aldo, come fix.  Happy Monday, xoxo.

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