over it

Completely.  I mean really, who can stay preoccupied about the weather when the door bell rings and the nice post man has a parcel in his hands for yours truly.  It got even better when he only asked me to sign and didn't ask for any contribution to his retirement fund, conveniently disguised as "custom and duty fees".

katie jump rope

It took a turn even more exciting when on the label it read, "Sew, Mama, Sew".  Thank you Kristin.  Of course the piece de resistance was opening the package to find such lovelies inside.  I've been meaning wanting to order Katie Jump Rope for some time now. I'm a huge fan.

I'm a fan

The reproductive prints are so charming and stash building worthy.  It's a dangerous thing to stash build when half of your crafty items are still in boxes.  But I've waited long enough.  I held off on buying the Denyse Schmidt fabric because I knew I was going to be so very busy with the move/renovation, or so I told myself.  Then as things happen, I was up late eyeball shopping in Sew Mama Sew's sale section and well the rest is history and I blame it all on Kristin...yes I do.

to be or not to be

Please tell me you understand where I'm coming from?


  1. Hugely jealous of this fabric delivery. I may just have to order some for myself.
    And I scrolled down and saw your BEAUTIFUL stippling. You did great and the revamp on your bin is awesome.

  2. I love these fabrics and have been using little bits of mine at a time so I fon't run out!

  3. Oh I lurvvve Katie Jump Rope and am so envious of you!

  4. Stopping by! Beautiful Blog! and i had no idea you were so crafty-artsy! ...not sure if you recall I danced at your wedding - WOW time warp! Your girls are beautiful! (as all your children are!) Hope I can dress my "littles" just as nice!

  5. I am terribly excited to cut into this fabric and I'm hoping I ordered enough of the green and orange in the last photo to make my girlies a dress each. That would be da bomb. Thanks about the stippling. I can't wait to do a full quilt. I'll be dropping by your blog for a visit :)

  6. It's so hard when you love a collection and you are torn between using it and looking at it. I think I will probably look at the majority of it or a while.

  7. I think you should go shopping while the sale is still on ;) Then we can love it together.

  8. Hi patty-jean! I'm so glad you stopped by :) I do remember you dancing so beautifully at our wedding...now do you remember how many years ago that was? I'll let you guess first. I guess you are due for the best kind of creation any day now, right? I'll pop over to your blog and watch for the happy news.


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