get your groove on

I spent the weekend wallpapering which is something I thought I'd never do again after my faux technique painting craze in the 90's.  If someone were to tell me back then that I'd be wallpapering, and what I'd be wall papering on my walls I'd think they were nuts.  Good thing we can't see into our future or we might spend more time running away from it.  But hey, it's just wallpaper right?  I'm mean it's not life or death or anything.

get your groove on

The wallpapering took place in the everything room which is turning out to be a throw back to the 70's.  It might be a bit decoratively risky but I couldn't help myself.  The paper was calling to me.  Back in the fall when I was walking the isles of Home Depot my eyes were drawn to the bold floral rolls.  They floated into my cart and when my hubby saw them he got a bit worried.  From his perspective, people that buy homes with that kind of paper usually rip it out as soon as they can in favor of something more neutral.  But I say neutral be damned.  In this house we've had more opportunity to "create" what we want since
we are basically redo-ing the entire insides.  It's not that the ideas
of old were grabbing me anymore, I just think this house wants some
funk and I aim to please. Time to get our groove on.  His eyes just rolled at me. 

get your groove on

I assured him things would be okay.  Everything would work out in the end.  My mind saw it. Now we would just have to create it.  That's the way it works for me, I see things in my head and then I look for the product (in this case the wallpaper)
that will help me get what is in my head out there for reality.   I may have even discovered my husband this way!

handmade bookshelves

In this case the 70's are floating around in my head.  Maybe it because I grew up in the 70's, those childhood years can give you some great decorating mileage after you get over them.  What ever it is, our everything room is coming together and soon it will be functional.  We still need to finish putting varathane on the bookshelves that will eventually sit on the green ledge in front of the wallpaper.  My hubby made them, what he wouldn't do for me, and I painted 5 coats of yummy Ralph Lauren, brushed sable on them.  Baseboards, doors and window trims are already cut and waiting to be attached and then new outlets, switches, etc.  The final and most arduous task will be organizing the furniture, music equipment, books and play areas.  I'm looking forward to this stage because it symbolizes completeness.

It's amazing how much work closure takes, eh? 


  1. I love the look of fresh paint. The painting voice has been growing ever louder in my head lately.

  2. you totally have the groove going with that. you'll have great fun in that room, i'm sure :))

  3. yummy yummy yummy... I approve!

  4. ok, seriously you are channeling our house... the orange and green together is totally our downstairs! and i LOVE the paper... can you send me a big piece so i can frame it for an art piece, lol? i really really love it.
    when you're done with the ducky house, can you please come help me decorate here? pretty please?

  5. if you do decide to paint, wait until you can at least open the windows. the smell has been killing us.

  6. so far so good, the kids are loving the bright space :)

  7. that is too funny Jen! I'll see what I have left over from the paper. I was hoping since you guys were so busy working on your house the past couple of years that you'd love to come work on ours :P

  8. The paper and the colors are just perfect together! Is this everything room your living room? Upstairs or downstairs? Wherever and whatever, I just love the colors.

  9. Hi again :) The everything room is our family room. It is on the 1st level
    of our bi-level. If you go back into my renovation category, you can see
    what it looked like before we started the reno. It's where we hold our
    treasures, books, music, toys, etc. It's also where we home educate. Lots
    going on in that room so it needed a color to accommodate everyone.
    ~ Tamara


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