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A sure sign that we are feeling healthy again.  We started painting yesterday. 


Bright.  A new color for the "everything" room.  Until I figure out a better name for this space that really will be home to everything - toys, resourses, music, library.  A place to converge and gather ourselves throughout the day.  A room of purpose, where we will play, dream and work hard.  Our family room.  I can hardly wait! 

really bright  color: orange

For now It's good to be back in this little space and feeling healthy.  Happy Spring!  xoxo


  1. ooo!!! it's our kitchen color! i love it!!!!

  2. I really have to see that kitchen sometime.

  3. I just found you via Beauty That Moves, and I wanted to tell you how I love that color! I'll be looking around for more about the everything room.

  4. Yes, orange is one of those colors you either love or don't. I'm so glad we
    painted the everything room orange...it makes me happy. I still have a post
    or two coming about the room...at the very least I owe everyone some
    completed pictures. I hope it doesn't disappoint!
    thanks for dropping by,
    ~ Tamara


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