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Giving gifts to a friend who's had a baby is fun, even when the "said gift" arrives when the "baby" is almost 1 year old, it's still lots of fun.

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Of course it helps that the pattern was Picky Pants by Little Turtle Knits.  I love this pattern, such a classic!   So many options - diaper butt - no diaper butt - newborn babe - one year old - etc.  Just what the procrastinating gift giver needs, a one size fits all pattern.
picky pants

The wool, ella rae, was purchased back in January at my LYS.  I immediately cast on to make the largest size for the little guy, give him room to grow, after all he is almost a 1 year old.  It was sitting in my gift giving pile while I collected a few other goodies, for mumma and three older brothers.  Yes that's right, a house full of boys in that family.
picky pants
With this gift now delivered I can happily report that my gift pile is now empty.  I'm going to enjoy this short reprieve to catch up on a few other projects looming around the house.  But I'm pretty sure I'll revisit those pants again, maybe even cast on a couple of pairs for my girls for next winter, minus the diaper butt.  Oh that was nice to put in print, no - more - diapers.  Although night time pull-ups are quite a different story all together. 

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  1. these are adorable! makes me wish i had a baby to knit for again :) thanks for visiting my blog - feel free to link. i need to figure out a good place to put my email address.


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