Last week found me lost in the boys brand new room painting the soothing colors of the outdoors - green & aqua blue, with crisp white trims.  The colors, against the medium brown floor boards, all do their part to unify the once small, cramped, dark, carpeted, wall papered, "ugly" room.  In reality the new room looks nothing like the old.  The esthetic's not only changed but the size as well.  The old room was a mere 9' x 8' feet, closet included, hardly enough space for two growing boys to call their own.  Beside it, was a huge 13' x 15' hallway, a strange mix of proportions if you know what I mean.  It didn't take us too long to figure out what direction we were heading.  In a fashion similar to Robin Hood, we took from the large and gave to the small.  The structure was altered before Christmas by our favorite reno guy.  He did a great job.  In the end the boys have a good size space of 11' x 14', not including the closet.  Next on the list was the most time consuming part for sure, custom
shelving made by the hubby.  At the start of the new year I was itching
get cracking on the paint but first we had to saw, glue, assemble,
sand, & stain the shelving. Oh what joy that was, another one of
those "not for the faint of heart" activities.  I'll post pictures of them at a later date.  For now...


With all the finishing touches completed, I was able to have some creative time, which involved painting a tree on the bedroom wall.  I love trees and their symbolic nature: life, living, growing, breathing.  Bringing (artistic) nature indoors warms the atmosphere of the room and helps to cultivate the imagination.  In designing the tree I wanted to convey the outline and shadow, where the shape is the feature, versus the detail.  I'm pleased with the way it turned out, so are the boys. 

I keep hearing the exuberant question "are we moving into the room tomorrow?"  (nothing like a little pressure at the end of busy week.)   

I reply: "There is still work to do on the room next to yours which involves more messy, smelly painting".

I really don't want the boys breathing the fumes in during that time so for now a little patience is in order for us all.   Oh and there is still so much more to do here but I really do love how things are coming together in this house.  Our unique thumb print is becoming more evident project by project and "this house" is starting to feel like a home.  Happy Monday, xoxo.

ETA: now a part of green week going on in blogosphere.  This is day 1.

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