green week - day 4



We skipped the whole china thing and decided to collect my favorite stoneware from the UK.


When we lived in the UK our first year of marriage we made a point of visiting the town of Denby .  That was an exciting treat for me.   But we were poor students that year and I was weak in the knees over stoneware.  I did the most logical thing, I called my mother and asked her if she would foot the bill for some pottery until we got home and could pay her back.  She agreed.  Good mumma.   So we loaded our rented car up with tons of pieces from the collection, carefully packaged and labelled with fragile stickers all over the boxes, we chanced it all to bring home some pottery goodness.  It was more than we expected when every item arrived home with us, undamaged and completely intact.  After 15 years of marriage our Denby is still going strong. 

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