the silence is deafening...

around my blog that is.  We had a nice weekend of warm, humid weather which kept us outdoors the entire time.  My sewing machine is begging for some company as are many other crafty endeavors that are sitting around the house.  Alas much of the creation is of an outdoor variety and will most likely remain as such while the warm winds blow. 
We put the pool up for the kidlets just in time for a hot spell, ours are a strange bunch though as they gather in the small tiny pool while the large pool sits lonely in the background.  They like to call the small one their "hot tub" as it is usually filled with warm water and loads of bubbles.
One evening we took a ride to the big city park and walked through the lovely English gardens to bask in the floral goodness as well as the artistic talents of a beloved local.
Even surrounded by such beauty, kids will be kids.  Climb away young adventurers

Things are busy in the summer and I can't bring myself to be indoors too much so for the next little while my blog is going to be a photo blog.  See you around.

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