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Yes, those are my sandy feet.  They take me many, many places one of which was to the beach with the kidlets this past weekend.  There are quite a few beaches around my area.  Some are close and some are far.  Going to the lake is a past time for people here.  It's what we do when the weather permits.   We opted for the beach that sits on a huge lake about an hours drive from our home.  I loved going there especially in the later part of the day when the trees provided some much needed shade.  It's not so crowded at that time of day either so watching 4 kids with a good book becomes a bit less daunting.  Speaking of the kidlets, they just loved their time along the water's edge.  Miss A & Miss J rock hunted and searched for treasure for quite awhile before they braved the waves.  At one point Miss A was greatly rewarded by a couple of bracelets that she found.  But alas they slipped off her petite wrist and fell back into the water from whence they came as if the waters were telling her the treasure belong to another. 


Enter the boys who spent the majority of their time either rolling in the sand or rolling in the water.  They had their mind on packing enough movement into those few short hours as possible. 

Breaks did come though and we refreshed ourselves on water, watermelon and grapes.  Just enough to keep hunger at bay.

Of course, what is a day at the beach without a bit of sand burying? 



  1. this whole post is the complete essence of summer, just lovely!

  2. That looks like us yesterday. We (the kidlets and I, along with my folks) ventured out to St. Malo! Very nice!! My DB & SIL are camping out there for the weekend (wish I was with them, but DH is working all weekend!) R even had a short nap on the sandy shore, all covered up with dry towels. Sorry, no pics. ;)


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